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Home is Where the Heart is

A beautiful and thoughtful way of storing memories and photos. This gift provides a time capsule experience for any family who wants to share in special moments for years to come. The hardcover linen journal and refreshing soy candle will take center stage on the coffee table, as the irreplaceable memories scripted with ink from the elegant fountain pen come alive off the pages. Consider gifting this box for Birthday, Anniversary, Just Because, New Parents, Newlyweds.

Great For

Birthday, Anniversary, Just Because, New Parents, Newlyweds

Our Family Book

This blue linen journal with gold embossed lettering and illustrated end pages is the perfect gift to document important family moments. Each page provides a space for a photo, as well as a story or caption. The journal’s hardcover will keep your memories safe over time so you can fondly look back at your family’s sweetest moments for many years to come. Handmade and women-owned.

Product Vendor: Write to Me

Modern Script Fountain Pen

The smooth, metallic body of this elegant pen will summon your inner storyteller to best document your family history and day-to-day experiences. With the look and feel of a traditional fountain pen but with the modern convenience of refillable ink, you’ll feel inspired to fill your journal with beautiful sentiments and memories.

Product Vendor: Ooly

Linen & Lace Soy Candle (9 oz)

The scent of freshly washed linen, Egyptian cotton, and mandarin orange all float together in the air as this energizing soy candle burns. The gorgeous blue and white fleur-de-lis design adds additional luxury to the experience every time you light the candle’s wick. An inviting aroma, this candle will gather your family closer together as you share in joy and laughter. Eco-friendly and Handmade in the USA.

Product Vendor: Soy Essentials

Light Your Way To Calm Thoughts and Growth

Strike each beautiful, mint green match to light your Linen & Lace Soy Candle. Each time you take out your journal, the sturdy match will light a flame that will inspire your thoughts and ignite memories. Handmade and women-owned.

Product Vendor: Made Market Co.


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