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In addition to large-order customization, The Royal Box is pleased to offer a custom curated option for individual gifting. Anything and everything from the unique items included in the box to the look and feel of the packaging can be modified and transformed into the perfect gift experience for that special someone in your life. Afterall, gift giving is an act of love inspired by emotions, memories, and intentions, and at The Royal Box we believe that each detail of a present should be personalized accordingly. 

The process of custom curation takes time, as we always seek to choose the items that most accurately reflect the theme and style you desire, as well as the occasion you are choosing to celebrate. Please allow 4 weeks time for our creative team of designers led by the founder, Giulia, to artistically construct a gift experience like no other. While you wait, we’ll be busy finding the perfect items that fit within your budget and crafting a unique look and feel to the box that includes colors, textures, and materials inspired by real life and not just a computerized color and fabric chart.  

Designing from scratch takes time, but in the end your special someone will receive a one-of-a-kind box that will leave them speechless as they take in every detail of the items, packaging, and messages that have all been exclusively personalized. Perhaps, that moment of unveiling is the magic behind mindful luxury.  

To begin your custom curation process, please fill out the form located here to tell us more about the recipient and occasion of your box.