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First Everythings - Baby Boy

For the one who has big dreams, big aspirations, and big plans for her baby boy. Filled with everything a new mom would want, this is the perfect gift for creating long lasting memories. Babies are life-changing, and being a new mom is just as rewarding as it is challenging, so this thoughtful box is great for New Moms, Birthdays, Pregnancy Announcements, and Baby Showers.

Great For

Birthdays, New Moms, Pregnancy Announcements, Baby Showers

Dreamcatcher Silicone + Wood Teether - Moonstone

Tackle that teething problem head on! Avoid the dread many parents have when their baby’s teeth come in with this soft, squishy teether. Small enough to carry in your pocket, this silicone + wooden dreamcatcher is perfect for keeping your little one entertained. Easy to clean and free from BPA, phalates, and harmful chemicals, this cute dreamcatcher is convenient, stylish, and playful.

Product Vendor: CHEWABLE CHARM

Pearl White Leather Baby Moccasins

These simple yet elegant pearl white moccasins are stylish and versatile. Whether for walking around the house or a special occasion out, your baby boy will draw massive “aww’s” with these timeless shoes. On top of protecting your baby’s feet from the outside world, the leather exterior is flexible and soft, making them perfect for your little pre-walker.

Product Vendor: Birdrock Baby

Baby Journal - Birth to Five Years Grey

This beautiful gender neutral journal was designed to be a cherished keepsake. At 96 pages and with guided prompts throughout, you’ll be able to capture all the most important moments in your baby’s life. From their family history to their preschool days, you’ll have a place to store every achievement, every milestone, every breath taking moment in one magical book.

Product Vendor: Write to Me

Modern Script Fountain Pen

Whether you’re sitting down to write the next great novel or your grocery list, this fabulous, elegant fountain pen is perfect for showing off your amazing handwriting skills. Expertly designed, this pen with give you the ultimate control over your lines, so you’ll always have smooth clear writing. The pen writes beautifully. The ink is bold but doesn’t bleed, with lines that are neither too thick or too thin, and the pen is convenient enough to store inside your purse or pocket.

Product Vendor: OOLY

Forever Rose

Forever roses bring elegance and splendor for years. Real blooms go through a complex stabilization process to preserve their beauty and freshness with no need for water or sunlight.  A white rose is a sweet touch for your baby’s room.

Product Vendor: The Royal Box


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