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Here at The Royal Box, we believe that every occasion can be a gift occasion. That’s why we have designed an intentional process of how we craft our luxury boxes. From the moment of thematic conception to the last ribbon tied, we are committed to upholding our mission of mindful luxury by curating meaningful experiences through sustainable, innovative, and unique gifts from around the world. Every detail of our boxes has its own history, its own meaning, and the ability to uniquely contribute to a greater story of significance to both the giver and the recipient. Therefore, every texture, taste, smell, and color is carefully chosen, just like every product we use and company we work with is examined thoroughly for excellence in quality and mindfulness.

From the very moment that customers receive our boxes, they embark on a journey of visual storytelling. But that story is written long before our luxury gifts arrive at their doorstep. At the start of our design process, our expert team of creatives, led by founder Giulia Macchia, first develop a theme that expresses something memorable—a sense of familiarity blended with the exotic. Each theme is placed under one of our box collections: The Traditional Collection, The Contemporary Collection, and The Country Chic Collection. Once chosen, this theme becomes our inspiration as we travel around the world to find striking gifts that flawlessly reflect the story line of the gift experience. From trade shows in Milan and Paris to markets in The United Kingdom and the USA, we search for beautiful items that we can source for our boxes upon returning home. Each one is thoroughly reviewed to ensure it meets our high-quality standards—only the most exquisite gifts make their way into our luxury boxes. Then, and only then, do we make our purchase and begin the creative process of designing the box itself.

Unlike other companies, our curation process extends beyond the physical gifts to every single detail of our product, from box dimensions and silk ribbons to our personalized stationery notes. You won’t find our fabrics, materials, designs, or messages anywhere else; everything is custom designed by The Royal Box and produced exclusively for our customers. It's in our core values to never settle for the ordinary because we firmly believe that gifts should leave a lasting impression. Therefore, every design element is conceived from a unique, inner experience—even our colors. Every shade of blue, hint of purple, and shimmer of gold is inspired by personal observation of the real world and nature and not just chosen at random from a generic chart. If our designers are moved by a bouquet of warm summer flowers or feel inspired by the beauty of a sunset, we’ll take a picture and transform that moment into a printable color that takes part in our visual story line, even on the shipping box. This, as well, is designed mindfully, so that the recipient can witness true, holistic luxury from the moment the gift arrives at their front door.

As a companion to our visual story and a preface to the experience that awaits, The Royal Box accompanies each gift with a customized stationery note. Inspired by the elegance of wedding invitations, this note invites the recipient into the remarkable journey before them. As always, every element is designed, crafted, and written exclusively by The Royal Box, from the quality of the paper and delicate embellishments to the poetic composition. As each gift is unveiled, these thoughtful details and inspired words ignite memories from within or spark a moment of meaning and connection. Formally invited to take part in the story, the recipient indulges themselves in the gift experience.

From the very first steps of our company, The Royal Box has been un-waveringly committed to the process of curating a luxurious gift giving experience markedly different than our culture’s generic definition of “luxury.” In the words of our founder, true luxury is something quite different:

Luxury is in the details, in the high-quality fabrics and stitches, in the harmony of colors, in the delicate elements dancing together in a scent, in the patient and loving creation of an object. It's definitely not nested in a price tag or in a flashy brand. Those are things for new money. My company is based on sophisticated sumptuousness instead.” ~ Giulia Macchia

At The Royal Box, our creative team of artists, interior designers, and writers is here to help you discover the true meaning of luxury—to experience the word in its entirety and with meaning and purpose. You’ll enjoy browsing our curated boxes or working with our team to customize your own, choosing which gift is best for your occasion. Then, we’ll handle all the details of design so that you can simply gift an experience of absolute luxury.