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Handsome Man

We know it’s not easy to get the perfect shave. With this box, you’ll give the gift of a perfect shave and silky smooth skin. This set comes with a shave brush, shave kit, candle, and mini matches. The recipient won’t need anything else but a fresh suit (sorry! not included) to look their sharpest. Consider giving this for Birthdays, Promotions, Christmas, or Just because.

Great For

Birthdays, Christmas, Just Because

Damn Handsome Shave Brush

Ditch the drugstore shaving kit and upgrade to this stylish 100% natural boar bristle shaving brush. When you apply shaving cream with your hands, you don’t get full coverage so when it comes time to shaving you end up tugging at the hair. This is what leads to irritation and stubble. But not anymore. Applying shaving cream with this brush fully covers the hairs and ensures a closer, more comfortable shave. Look your best and feel damn handsome. Wooden handle. Eco-friendly, handmade.

Product Vendor: Men’s Society

White Mini Matches

Despite their size, these classy white mini matches pack a punch. Stylish yet functional, these matches are the perfect pair to anything that requires a little fire. There are 65 matches total inside a 4 inch tall jar. The jar has a cork top and vintage style label with a striker. All you need to light up the night in one package.

Product Vendor: Made Market Co.

Fix Up Look Sharp Shave Set

This shaving kit comes with shaving cream, post shave balm, and a hot cloth. Avoid irritation while the lemon peel oil cleanses and brightens the skin, giving you a radiant healthy glow. The post shave balm is packed with vitamins and soothes any irritation caused by the blade. Use the hot cloth before the shave to prepare the skin, then apply it cold before the balm to close the pores up.

Product Vendor: Men’s Society

Linea Lusso Peppercorn Citrus

A classic presentation of peppercorn and citrus fragrance blend. Light up this luxury candle and let it fill up the room with the richness of Italy, mixed with a new-age twist. The chic outer vessel will add an aesthetic element to your room and surroundings. Time to add a bit of class to your life.

Product Vendor: Baronessa Cali


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The Royal Box ethically sources all of the products in our boxes. So not only will you be
sending a beautiful gift, you can also feel good knowing that everything in your
gift box is from a company that shares your values and integrity.

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