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Fruit and Floral Spa

The gifts within this set work together to create a hydrating and moisturizing experience from head to toe, all with a touch of delicious floral and fruity aroma. Gift this box to the one who needs to refresh and relax through a mini self-care, spa moment. After being moisturized, hydrated, and renewed, they’ll be ready to take on tomorrow. Consider gifting for Just Because, Thank You, Gifts for Her, Birthdays, Wellness, Spring, and Summer.

Great For

Just Because, Thank You, Gifts for Her, Birthdays, Wellness, Spring, and Summer

Pink Lip Mask

Soothe chapped lips and restore moisture and elasticity with this quick and effective mask. Its delicious cherry blossom flavor and hydrogel base will make dry lips kissable once more. Simply remove the patch and place it on clean lips for 10 minutes to give your puckered pout a little bit of TLC.

Product Vendor: KOCOSTAR

Crystal Rose Bath Bomb

These rose-scented bath bomb will bring a fresh and floral aroma to your spa experience. Bergamont, orange zest, grapefruit, jasmine, and sandalwood are expertly blended together to create a unique take on a traditional rose scent. Purifying minerals, Euro salt, and coconut oil will cleanse and soften your skin as you soak in your tub. Handmade, Social Good, Small Batch, and Made in the USA.

Product Vendor: SOS Bliss

Dark Morello Cherry and Pomegranate Essenza

This flavored mineral water is anything but bland. Sweet morello cherries are paired with tart pomegranate flavor to create an intense fruity flavor experience with a touch of gentle bubbles. This fruit water is the perfect beverage to sip throughout the day or to pair with roasted vegetables, red meats, sandwiches, or desserts.

Product Vendor: San Pellegrino

White and Pink Forever Rose

Like locking in a moment in time. This beautiful preserved white and pink Forever Rose lasts longer than roses you keep in a vase. A 100% real rose, the petals undergo a complex stabilization process to keep the bloom in excellent condition for up to three-five years. The perfect way to capture a special event to memory.

Product Vendor: The Royal Box


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