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 For the dog lover at heart. These gifts provide everything needed to celebrate the day-to-day adventures of a new pup or memorialize a best canine friend who has passed to doggy heaven. With a linen journal on the desk, a modern fountain pen in one hand, and sweet treats in the other, documenting the important moments and memories will flow naturally, coming straight from the heart and filling page after page. Consider gifting for Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for All, Gifts for Pets, and Sympathy. 

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Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for All, Gifts for Pets, and Sympathy

Tails—“My Pet's Story” Journal

If only paws could write, oh, the stories they would tell! This linen-bound journal helps you do the work for your best canine friend so that you can document the world’s most interesting biography. Whether new to the family or recently departed, your pup and his exciting adventures can be commemorated in the stories of companionship written from the heart. 

Product Vendor: Write to Me

Chocolate Shortbread

Staying true to southern tradition, this delectable, buttery shortbread bite has kept its fame by following the original recipe from over 30 years ago. Each bite is thoughtfully compact to be the perfect pairing for a favorite cup of coffee, tea, or juice. Single serving, small-batch, organic, handmade.

Product Vendor: Willa’s Shortbread

Modern Gold Fountain Pen

The smooth, metallic body of this elegant pen will summon your inner writer to best document your thoughts and experiences. With the look and feel of a traditional fountain pen but with the modern convenience of refillable ink, you’ll feel inspired to fill your journal with sentiments and memories.

Product Vendor: Ooly

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Deliciously creamy chocolate is blended with crunchy hazelnuts to create a classic, irresistible treat.  First wrapped in gold foil and christened with the Ferrero Rocher label, this delicious treat is then packaged safely within an adorable golden box. Unveil each chocolate like a present to experience a moment of sweet delight.

Product Vendor: Ferrero Rocher


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