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Something Blue

If good conversation over good food and wine is the key to happiness then you’ll want to bring this box into your social circle. The perfect gift to share with a crowd, everyone will enjoy the engaging questions and sweet treats found within this set. Time will fly when you’re spending it with the ones who matter most! Consider gifting for Just Because, Thank you, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for All, and Birthdays.

Great For
Just Because, Thank you, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for All , and Birthdays

Linen & Lace Soy Candle (9 oz)

The scent of freshly washed linen, Egyptian cotton, and mandarin orange all float together in the air as this energizing soy candle burns. The gorgeous blue and white fleur-de-lis design adds additional luxury to the experience every time you light the candle’s wick. An inviting aroma, this candle will comfort and inspire as you create your wedding plans. Eco-friendly and Handmade in the USA.

Product Vendor: Soy Essentials

Mint Chocolate Bar

Traditionally grown peppermint leaves are blended with high-quality cacao beans and cocoa butter to produce a smoothly decadent mint chocolate bar. Break off a piece of the minimally processed, stone-ground chocolate and you’ll instantly notice the difference in the depth of its flavor and creamy texture. Unlike other bars made with stabilizers and artificial flavorings, everything in this mint chocolate experience is all-natural. Eco-friendly, Handmade, Social Good, Organic, and Small Batch.

Product Vendor: Goodio

Crown Pen: My Wedding Planning Pen

This wedding planning pen might be the one with the rhinestone crown but we all know who’s in charge. Use this pen throughout your reign as bride-to-be as you plan the ins and outs of your big day. With the smooth metal body resting in hand, there won’t be an iota of detail forgotten from your planning.

Love Notes Bracelet: Something Blue

The perfect understatement to accompany your wedding dress. Wear it on your ankle or on your wrist for a subtle “something blue” as you walk down the aisle. Until your big day, store it safely within its miniature corked bottle.


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Choose from our quotes, a blank notecard or a custom handwritten message.
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Select your notecard style, we have three elegant styles shown below.
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We’ll enclose your note with your gift box... at no additional charge.

The Royal Box ethically sources all of the products in our boxes. So not only will you be
sending a beautiful gift, you can also feel good knowing that everything in your
gift box is from a company that shares your values and integrity.

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