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Orchard Dreams

Opening this box will release an aromatic experience of the sweetened smell and taste of tart and juicy Georgia peaches. One will be transported from their home or backyard into a shimmering southern orchard, as the fruit’s aroma fills the air and gently caresses lips. An enticingly delicious moment, they won’t want to travel back to reality. Consider gifting for Birthdays, Promotions, Congratulations, Corporate, Just Because, Thank You, Gifts for Her, Spring, and Summer.

Great For

Birthdays, Promotions, Congratulations, Corporate, Just Because, Thank You, Gifts for Her, Spring, Summer

Stemless Copper Champagne Flute

Perfect for your favorite champagne, wine, or spritzer. The cool, rounded edges of this flute fit perfectly in your palm as you sip a chilled beverage. Whether drinking for one or hosting a dinner party, the copper finish gorgeously reflects light, creating an impression of sophisticated luxury.

Product Vendor: Viski

Ginger and Peach Candle

This candle is crafted from 100% natural soy and clean essential oils. Lemon, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavandin, patchouli, and spearmint are all expertly blended together to create an energizing aroma reminiscent of revitalizing ginger and summer peaches. The wax is then hand poured into a shimmering copper jar that will look stunning by your bedside or as a centerpiece on the coffee table. Eco-friendly, Handmade, Social Good, and Made in the USA.

Product Vendor: Vim + Vigor Candle Co.

Peach Luxe Sugar Stick

Don’t be deceived by the petite size of the Peach Luxe Sugar Stick—its bright and bold flavors are carefully infused so you get the best of sweet peach and tart berries. Add one of these sugar cubes to a glass of champagne, sparkling water, or even lemonade to switch up your day-to-day! All-natural and locally-made.

Product Vendor: Teaspressa Tea


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