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Menu of the Week

For the woman on the go who needs to stay organized when meal planning. The pink pencil holder and matching planner are perfect to jot quick lists and notes or map out an entire week of recipes. This gift is ideal for someone who is trying to eat healthier or shop wisely at the grocery store. Consider gifting for Just Because, Thank You, Gifts for Her, and Housewarming.

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Just Because, Thank You, Gifts for Her, and Housewarming

“My Organised Chaos” Meal Planner

With fifty pages for weeklys recipes and shopping lists, you’ll find that meal planning and prepping become less stressful and more inspirational. The thin, light pink booklet can be neatly placed within a purse or carried in hand while at the store. You won’t buy too much or forget an ingredient by taking a moment each week to track your meal plans.

Product Vendor: Write to Me

Coral Pink SMTWTFS Pencil Box

You’ll never misplace the parts to this pencil box, as magnets work together to keep its lid attached to the case even when opened. The coral pink color matches perfectly with your new meal organizer. Its chic, slim fabric design holds pens and pencils nearby, ready to write at your command.

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