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Hostess with the Mostess

Party planning can be fun but overwhelming at times.  This box is a chance to tell that Hostess with the Mostess just how much you appreciate their hospitality and hard work. The delightful details of the apron, corkscrew, and coasters will bring joy throughout the night, making this set the perfect gift for your favorite host of holiday parties, birthday celebrations, and more. Consider gifting this box for Gifts for Her, Newlyweds, Just Because, or Birthdays.

Great For

Gifts for Her, Newlyweds, Just Because, or Birthdays

Copper and Gold Corkscrew

This unique corkscrew is crafted from a blend of gorgeous copper, strong stainless steel, and luxurious gold. A sophisticated version of Twine’s original bottle opener, this piece features a double-hinged arm, a handle-integrated foil cutter, and a five-turn worm to ensure that any bottle opens with ease.

Product Vendor: Twine

"Rosé All Day" Coaster Set (two included)

These blush fabric coasters are the perfect way to make your guests smile. Handmade with adorable fringed edging, these beautiful coasters will protect your tables and add a bit of witty humor to your party. Eco-friendly, Handmade, Social Good.

Product Vendor: Shiraleah

"Hostess with the Mostest" Blush Apron

You’re the Hostess with the Mostest and don’t forget it! This handmade apron is sewn from durable cotton and mango wood to protect your clothing as you serve your guests throughout the night. The beautiful blush fabric, embellished with fringe and lace pocket detail, is brought together with an impressive bow that ties at the waist. Eco-friendly, Handmade, Social Good.

Product Vendor: Shiraleah


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Choose from our quotes, a blank notecard or a custom handwritten message.
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Select your notecard style, we have three elegant styles shown below.
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We’ll enclose your note with your gift box... at no additional charge.

The Royal Box ethically sources all of the products in our boxes. So not only will you be
sending a beautiful gift, you can also feel good knowing that everything in your
gift box is from a company that shares your values and integrity.

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