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Get Well Soon

Gift a moment of elegant recuperation. This luxury set is comprised of charming curated items that provide everything needed to bounce back after a couple of sick days and nights. Accompanied by a delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolate, this box is the pinnacle of mindful convalescence. This gift set is perfect for fall and winter as well as get well gifts, gifts for her, and more.

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Lemon Tonsil Tamer - Herbal Wellness Tea

Perfect for those days when you’re just not feeling 100%. This soothing, caffeine-free herbal tea is made with a blend of slippery elm, organic cinnamon, marshmallow root, and more. Brew the tea at 212 degrees and steep for 5 minutes. In the time it takes for you to run out for a new box of tissues, you’ll have one of the most pleasant herbal teas available for health and wellness.

Product Vendor: Simpson & Vail

Good Vibes Only Soy Candle

Never meant to overpower a room, this delightful soy candle brings about feelings of revitalization and recovery. Boasting a burn time of up to 25 hours, this candle scent is a combination of fresh eucalyptus and crisp mint infused with sweet pineapple and sugarcane. Handpoured in California in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Product Vendor: Promenade Field

Yellow Mini Matches

Who says functional can’t be beautiful? These charming, “fun size” yellow matches are the perfect companion to your favorite candle. The apothecary-inspired handcrafted bottle holds 65 firestarters and comes with a durable wooden cork top to ensure these little guys are safe and secure. Family-made and family-owned.

Product Vendor: Made Market Co.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (one chocolate included)

Deliciously creamy chocolate blended with crunchy hazelnuts to create a classic, irresistible treat. Each individual piece is wrapped in gold foil and christened with the Ferrero Rocher label. Unveil each chocolate like a present and experience a moment of sweet delight.

Product Vendor: Ferrero Rocher

Gold Stripe Candy Box

A truly lovely candy box that holds even greater pleasures inside. Especially made for chocolate, this charming box is quite the looker and a great adornment to an end or accent table, even after the chocolate is long gone. Very cute, quality assured and just the right size.

Product Vendor: GAKA


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Choose from our quotes, a blank notecard or a custom handwritten message.
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The Royal Box ethically sources all of the products in our boxes. So not only will you be
sending a beautiful gift, you can also feel good knowing that everything in your
gift box is from a company that shares your values and integrity.

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