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Director's Cut

Perfect for both a solo movie night or a date. Whether it’s your first or your hundredth, this luxury set is filled with the perfect snacks and treats to turn a regular night in into something special. Consider gifting this for get wells, just because, birthdays, gifts for him, or anniversaries.

Great For

Get Well, Just Because, Birthdays, Gifts for Him, Anniversaries, Thank You

Warm + Cozy Soy Candle

Equal parts comfortable, equal parts luxurious, these super comfy socks will keep your feet relaxed and warm. Great for everyday wear and lounging at home, whether it’s a movie night, sitting in bed reading or enjoying dinner at home.

Product Vendor: Sweet Water Decor

Nightcap Whisky Dark Chocolate Bar

Infused with the finest whiskey, this deep dark chocolate bar will delight you with an unforgettable taste. A fan favorite and something crafted out of pure madness, this chocolate bar is handmade in Los Angeles and features a new design with a warm copper black smokey finish. Vegan, gluten free.

Product Vendor: Compartes

Sweet and Salty Artisanal Popcorn

The perfect balance of sweet and salty with just the right amount of crunch. This popcorn is so good that before you know it the entire thing will be gone. An expertly crafted popcorn blended with the right mixture of sugar, salt, and crunch. Definitely a go-to weekend indulgence. Kosher, non-dairy and lactose free, non-GMO corn, handcrafted fresh daily.

Product Vendor: Popinsanity

Men's Fuzzy Socks

Equal parts comfortable, equal parts luxurious, these super comfy socks will keep your feet relaxed and comfortable. Perfect for indoor use, these socks will keep your feet nice and warm. Great for everyday wear and lounging at home. Whether its a moving night, sitting in bed, reading books or enjoying dinner at home, these socks are super great quality.

Product Vendor: Fitu

Black Popcorn Boxes

The perfect companion to your popcorn movie night. After the popcorn’s long gone you can experiment with other delicious snacks like peanuts, candies, and cookies. The perfect size and portion for all snacks and guests. Fill up yours and don’t forget your date’s.

Product Vendor: Yeson


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