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Bridal Babe

Your bridesmaid has been with you since day one, so take the time to express the gratitude and love you feel for her. Spoil your friend with sweets, jewelry, and accessories that she can delight in and use throughout the wedding celebrations. Feeling pampered like she should be and overjoyed by your marriage, her happiness will shine as she stands by your side. Consider gifting for Weddings and Gifts for Her.

Great For

Gifts for Her and Weddings

“Bridesmaid” Embroidered Burlap Zip Pouch

Store all of your day-of essentials safely within this minimalist burlap zipper pouch. With your title embroidered in white to match the color of the season, no one will misplace this pouch for their own. Easily slip the pouch into a larger bag or keep it in hand as a clutch.

Product Vendor: Viv and Lou

Chemistry Necklace

This beautiful jewelry arrives safely stored within an adorable corked chemistry test tube. Hand wrapped beads are strung from a sleek gold chain. Accompanied by shimmering crystal gems, this necklace is meant to make you shine. Subtle and neutral yet naturally stunning.

Rosé Single Gift Box

Crafted with delightful rosé wine and a hint of fresh strawberries and raspberries, these delicate gummies are the perfect candy to snack on while the bride and the bridal party gets ready the morning-of. Their slightly acidic taste, with hints of sugary sweetness and sour fruit, creates a truly aromatic bouquet of flavors, similar to an actual glass of rosé. The best part? These candies are alcohol, gluten, and fat free, meaning you can indulge guilt-free, even on the wedding day.  Eco-friendly, Handmade, and Social Good.

Product Vendor: Vinoos

Peach Luxe Sugar Stick

Don’t be deceived by the petite size of the Peach Luxe Sugar Stick—its bright and bold flavors are carefully infused so you get the best of sweet peach and tart berries. Add one of these sugar cubes to a glass of champagne, sparkling water, or even lemonade to switch up your day-to-day! All-natural and locally-made.

Product Vendor: Teaspressa Tea

“Happy Tears” Tissues

There’s bound to be tears of joy at the ceremony from everyone, but, as the bridesmaid, you’ll need to worry about your gorgeous, freshly made up face! This tissue pack will be there by your side to help keep your makeup looking its best. Store these tissues hidden beneath your bouquet to keep them close so you can wipe away any of those happy tears that might fall during the vows.

“Mimosa Money” Pocket

Keep your cards and cash safely stored within this slim and sleek pocket. It’s thin enough to slip inside your coat, an enclosed phone case, or store within your zip pouch. Neutral in color, its subtle design won’t clash with your outfit, no matter what color the bride chooses!


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