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Time Out

Gift a moment of sophisticated respite. This luxury gift set is comprised of refined curated items that provide everything needed for a well-deserved break. Whether it’s for the busy bee at work or for some other hardworking person you know, this box is the ideal treat for relaxation. Perfect for year round celebrations as well as birthdays, thank yous, and more.

Great For

Birthdays, Thank Yous, Get Well, Just Because, Corporate, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Them, All Gifts, Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring

Chocolate Shortbread

Staying true to southern tradition, these delectable buttery shortbread bites have kept their fame by following the original recipe from over 30 years ago. Each bite is thoughtfully compact to be the perfect pairing for your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or juice. Made in small batches, organic, handmade.

Product Vendor: Willa’s Shortbread

Leather Miner Mug

A charming addition to any meal setting, enjoy sipping out of this amazingly designed rustic mason jar mug. Thick top-grade cowhide surrounding a 16 oz glass, this fun mug is constructed with five strong antique brass rivets and accented with a hand-stitched handle. Easy to clean, handmade, made to order.

Product Vendor: Rustico

Canyon Instant Coffee

This rich hearty instant coffee has caught the attention of Bon Appetit, NYMag, and Food & Wine for its excellence and great taste. Grown in the prestigious Yirgacheffe coffee-growing region of Ethiopia, this coffee is roasted, batch made, and freeze dried in order to preserve the perfect flavor. Eco-friendly, organic, women owned, made in the USA.

Product Vendor: Canyon Coffee


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Choose from our quotes, a blank notecard or a custom handwritten message.
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The Royal Box ethically sources all of the products in our boxes. So not only will you be
sending a beautiful gift, you can also feel good knowing that everything in your
gift box is from a company that shares your values and integrity.

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