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Je T'aime

There are many ways to say “I love you” but perhaps this gift box does it best. Delicious indulgences and thoughtful trinkets create a meaningful experience for that special someone. Each gift is a rarity, as is the love that you share. Consider gifting for Gifts for Her, Anniversaries, Love and Affection, and Valentine’s Day

Great For

Gifts for Her, Anniversaries, Love and Affection, and Valentine’s Day

Nina's Paris Je T'aime Loose Leaf Tea Gift Tin (3.5 oz)

Nina’s Paris blends the bold flavor of Ceylon tea leaves with sweet notes of caramel and vanilla. A cup of romance, this tea’s comforting aroma flirtatiously swirls around your room as it warms your heart. There’s no better way to say “I love you.”

Product Vendor: Nina’s Paris

Red and White Heart-Shaped Sugar

Rest a heart on the lip of your cup to make early morning coffee or mid-day tea unforgettable. Though it’s tempting to leave the adorable moulded sugar as decoration, you’ll eventually have to release the sweet sugar cane into your beverage. Like love itself, this heart-shaped sugar is meant to be enjoyed.

Product Vendor: Canasuc

Red Decorative Heart

An adorable decoration that will last a lifetime! Place the red heart embellished with glitter to add a bit of glam to your dresser, makeup stand, or end table. Or decorate important pictures or memorabilia to draw attention to those special moments frozen in time.

Product Vendor: The Royal Box

Red Forever Rose

Like locking in a moment in time. This beautiful preserved red Forever Rose lasts longer than roses you keep in a vase. A 100% real rose, this item will stay in excellent condition for up to three years. The perfect way to capture a special event to memory.

Product Vendor: The Royal Box


Step #1
Choose from our quotes, a blank notecard or a custom handwritten message.
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Select your notecard style, we have three elegant styles shown below.
Step #3
We’ll enclose your note with your gift box... at no additional charge.

The Royal Box ethically sources all of the products in our boxes. So not only will you be
sending a beautiful gift, you can also feel good knowing that everything in your
gift box is from a company that shares your values and integrity.

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